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Casio Oceanus T200: The Perfect Quartz Watch?

Full Review of the fantastic Casio Oceanus T200. OCW-T200S-1AJF

Lume At First Site? Farr & Switt Wayfinder

Review of the Wayfinder by Farr & Switt

Best BB58 Homage Out There! San Martin Blue SN008-G

First Impressions Today we are taking a look at one of the best homages on Aliexpress. The San Martin SN008-G, a BB58 homage. This thing is fantastic… but it’s also a bit pricey. So tune in to see if this…

The Amazing Antarctica Monster! Seiko SRPG57K1 / SBDY105

Full Review First Impressions I took my time, but here we finally have the full review of the Seiko Save the Ocean Antarctica Monster. I absolutely love the design here, but Seiko’s manufacturing branch needs a swift kick in the…

A Watch That Tells a Story… Ikigai Kazan Air Review

Full Review First Impressions Once again we are taking a look at another microbrand, except this one is a bit off the beaten path. This is the Kazan from Ikigai watches. A brand new microbrand has launched this rather interesting…

So Close… Orient Star Classic SAF02005S0

Full Review First Impressions This is a watch you may be familiar with. When people hear the name Orient Star. Typically this is the watch most people think of. Well… maybe the black dial version. I haven’t seen too much…

Spork Reimagined! Islander ISL-72 Review

Full Review First Impressions This is one of the more unusual micro-brand watches I’ve run into. The Islander ISL-72. A reimagined Spork homage. This time put into a mini-turtle-like case. It’s odd, it’s quirky, it’s big on value. This is…

2021 The New Seiko 5 Field Review A Khaki Alternative? [ SRPG29 ]

I’ve spent a good amount of time with the new Seiko 5 field watch. So let’s talk about one of the more interesting Seiko releases this year.

Swedish Minimalism On Your Wrist! Nordberg Skagerrak Review

Today we have something a bit different. The Nordberg Skagerrak, an experiment in Swedish Minimalism.

Making the Casio Royale Even Better: Casio AE-1200 World Time + Vario Strap Review

Full Review First Impressions Today we take a look at the Casio AE-1200 series. Also known as the Casio Royale. This cult watch has been a favorite among budget enthusiasts for a while. So it’s finally time I take a…