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A Step In The Right Direction? San Martin SN026-G

Full review of the SN026-G by San Martin.

Best BB58 Homage Out There! San Martin Blue SN008-G

First Impressions Today we are taking a look at one of the best homages on Aliexpress. The San Martin SN008-G, a BB58 homage. This thing is fantastic… but it’s also a bit pricey. So tune in to see if this…

Heimdallr Titanium Sea Ghost [Preview]

When I decided to check out Heimdallr, I was originally planning to buy only one watch. Yet this one caught my eye on the way to the checkout.

Creative & Unusual! The $219 Proxima / Uni-Dive PX01 Review

Full Review Sponsored Post: Many thanks to Proxima / Uni-Dive for gifting this watch to the channel. First Impressions Today we have something a little different. A Unicorn if you will… no seriously, it has a Unicorn on the dial….

On Point! The Heimdallr Sharky Ocean Monster Review

I’ve been hearing about Heimdallr for a long time. Yet every time I looked there was nothing that really captured my interest.

Best $99 You Can Spend? The Escapement Time Automatic Flieger

Following some of your suggestions, I wound up buying two Fliegers from Escapement Time On Aliexpress.