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Casio Oceanus T200: The Perfect Quartz Watch?

Full Review of the fantastic Casio Oceanus T200. OCW-T200S-1AJF

The Amazing Antarctica Monster! Seiko SRPG57K1 / SBDY105

Full Review First Impressions I took my time, but here we finally have the full review of the Seiko Save the Ocean Antarctica Monster. I absolutely love the design here, but Seiko’s manufacturing branch needs a swift kick in the…

2021 The New Seiko 5 Field Review A Khaki Alternative? [ SRPG29 ]

I’ve spent a good amount of time with the new Seiko 5 field watch. So let’s talk about one of the more interesting Seiko releases this year.

A Perfect High Accuracy GMT, Or Perfectly Flawed? The Longines Conquest VHP GMT Review

Full Review First Impressions I’ve been working on this review for a while. This is the Longines Conquest V.H.P. GMT, one of the most interesting GMTs out there. From a functionality standpoint, it’s almost perfect. Yet it’s not a watch…

Small Watches Only! 5/1000 Watch Challenge #2

Welcome back to another episode of the 5/1000 watch challenge. Where I present a well-rounded 5 watch collection for under $1000.

Seiko Mini-Turtle: The Almost SKX Successor ( SRPC39 SRPC39K1 )

Full Review First Impressions Today we take a look at one of the Mini-Turtles. Which has easily become one of my favorite Seiko Divers. It’s a shame that Seiko keeps these rather limited. If they made them more available they…

Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph, Panda Perfection! | My First Grail!

Today’s review is a rather special one. In my eyes, it’s a Panda Perfected.

Best $99 You Can Spend? The Escapement Time Automatic Flieger

Following some of your suggestions, I wound up buying two Fliegers from Escapement Time On Aliexpress.

Giving Into The Ghost: 2020 Seiko Alpinist Review

Review Today we are finally taking a closer look at the brand new 2020 Seiko Cream Alpinist. SBDC089 / SPB119J1 . Which I’m calling the Ghost Alpinist. It along with The Black SBDC087 / SPB117J1, the green SBDC091 / SPB121J1…