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Month: June 2021

A Phoibos Sports Watch? Green Phoibos Nebula Review ( The Green Arrow )

As far as Phoibos goes, the Nebula might be their most interesting release yet.

The Only Watch You Need! Casio Oceanus OCW-T200S-1AJF [Preview]

It’s the top of the line as far as Casio goes. Although while they aren’t quite as high-end, they are fantastic.

A Bit Retro, A Bit Modern, All cool! Roebuck Scuba Review

There are a lot of divers out there these days, especially when it comes to microbrands. Yet this one caught my attention.

It’s All About the Mojito! Seiko Cocktail Time Mojito Review [Preview]

This thing is amazing to look at. Just check out the emerald green guilloche dial. It is simply gorgeous, and something you should definitely check out.

Heimdallr Titanium Sea Ghost [Preview]

When I decided to check out Heimdallr, I was originally planning to buy only one watch. Yet this one caught my eye on the way to the checkout.

Bertucci A-11T Americana Field Watch

The first thing to remember when it comes to Bertucci, is that they are purpose-built tool watches.

Small Watches Only! 5/1000 Watch Challenge #2

Welcome back to another episode of the 5/1000 watch challenge. Where I present a well-rounded 5 watch collection for under $1000.

Creative & Unusual! The $219 Proxima / Uni-Dive PX01 Review

Full Review Sponsored Post: Many thanks to Proxima / Uni-Dive for gifting this watch to the channel. First Impressions Today we have something a little different. A Unicorn if you will… no seriously, it has a Unicorn on the dial….