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Month: May 2021

An Affordable Bullhead Diver! Diving Armor Narval Review

Full Review First Impressions Today we are taking a look at a new Kickstarter watch with a rather interesting design. The Narval from Diving Armor. A bullhead diver where the crown is moved the 12, along with a hinged clasp…

Can The Sequel Live Up? Orient Defender II Review ( RA-AK0405Y10A )

Today we are taking a long-awaited look at the Orient Defender II. I loved the first defender but felt the older movement held it back.

On Point! The Heimdallr Sharky Ocean Monster Review

I’ve been hearing about Heimdallr for a long time. Yet every time I looked there was nothing that really captured my interest.

They Call it Tough, But is It Tuff Enough?

Today we are looking at one of the more interesting watches to come out of Citizen. The Promaster Tough.

Seiko Mini-Turtle: The Almost SKX Successor ( SRPC39 SRPC39K1 )

Full Review First Impressions Today we take a look at one of the Mini-Turtles. Which has easily become one of my favorite Seiko Divers. It’s a shame that Seiko keeps these rather limited. If they made them more available they…