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Month: April 2021

The $249 Alpinist Alternative? Axios Pathfinder Review

Full Review First Impressions Today we are taking a look at a new field watch from Axios. This time they have gone back to kickstarter, and have made it relatively affordable. It’s a pretty intersting design, and in some ways…

Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph, Panda Perfection! | My First Grail!

Today’s review is a rather special one. In my eyes, it’s a Panda Perfected.

Can Strapcode improve The Seiko DressKX / 40mm Seiko 5 Sports?

Full Review First Impressions After almost a year of waiting, Strapcode finally got some bracelets for the 40mm Seiko 5 Sports watches. AKA the DressKX / Dress-KX / DKX . So I immediately ordered one. Then threw it immediately on…

Best $99 You Can Spend? The Escapement Time Automatic Flieger

Following some of your suggestions, I wound up buying two Fliegers from Escapement Time On Aliexpress.