The Green Comet

August 27, 2019

A special thanks to Bhavin Patel for giving this to the channel to be reviewed. The Kickstarter starts August 27 at 1:00 PM EST You can find the Kickstarter here: So this one got a little long, but there is a lot to talk about here. From the company, the Kickstarter, and some changes. […]

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A Weekender for the Weekend, Timex Weekender Chrono Review

February 20, 2018

Yup another Timex, What happens when you take the classic Timex Weekender, and add a bit of complication.  You get this, the Timex Weekender Chronograph.  Same great retro / vintage styling, just with something extra.  Where simplicity was a strength for the original weekender.  The chrono version throws that out the window and goes it’s […]

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Citizen Stealth Nighthawk Review CA0295-58E

January 17, 2018

Blackout Edition Today we will be taking a look at another Citizen Eco-Drive watch. This time it’s model CA0295-58E, also known as the Nighthawk Chronograph. But it can also be refereed to as the Blackout Nighthawk, or the Stealth Nighthawk. This is definitely a bold looking watch. All black ion plated stainless steel case with […]

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The Stealth Fly-Back Review, Timex TW2R55000

January 6, 2018

Yet another Timex At this point it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I have a soft spot for Timex. After this will be the seventh review here at relative time, and it’s the third Timex I’ve taken a look at. But there is nothing wrong with that, after all they are affordable, reliable, dependable, and look […]

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Big Bold and Beautiful; The Bulova 97B122 Precisionist Review

December 27, 2017

  It’s Big, it’s beautiful, it’s precise, and it’s a whole lot of rose gold. It’s the Bulova 97B122 Precisionist Chronograph.   I’ve been interested in the Precisionist movement for a while now, and was recently able to pick one up off ebay. The watch itself was in excellent condition. The strap on the other […]

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