For many of us, Victorinox holds a special place in our hearts.  A Victorinox pocket knife was usual the first knife we were ever given as kids, usually by our fathers.  But even with that, many of us don’t think of Victorinox as a watch company.  Yet they have made fine swiss made watches for years, and the Officer’s Watch is no different.

The Quest

Since reviewing Seiko’s SNZG11 awesome field watch, I’ve been on a quest to find good 40mm field watches.  Especially ones that are priced between Seiko and Hamilton’s offerings.  So about a month ago I saw this Victorinox offered on Mass Drop.  Spec wise, it seems perfect.  40mm, Swiss Made, Sapphire, Eta movement, and was priced at $200.  What could go wrong?

Victorinox Officers:
in White:
Seiko SNK805:
Seiko SNZG11:
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical:

Beige Leather:
Brown Nato:
Grey Nato:
Enginer Braclet: