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Citizen Chandler Chronograph Review

Citizen Chandler Chronograph   Today we are looking at the Citizen Chandler Chronograph, model AT0200-05E. Which is one of, if not the cheapest Citizen Eco-Drive Chronographs around.  This solar powered chronograph sits just above 39mm wide, and has everything you…

The ever affordable Flieger, the Citizen Avion Review

From Precision instrument, to Fashion Accessory The original flieger watch was called the b-uhren. It was commissioned by the German military in World War II, for use by it’s navigators. This thing was huge, sitting at 55 mm, and sat…

Citizen Stealth Nighthawk Review CA0295-58E

Blackout Edition Today we will be taking a look at another Citizen Eco-Drive watch. This time it’s model CA0295-58E, also known as the Nighthawk Chronograph. But it can also be refereed to as the Blackout Nighthawk, or the Stealth Nighthawk….

Citizen: Silver Eco Drive Perpetual Calendar BL5470-06A Review

Eco Drive Citizen introduced the Eco-Drive movement back in the mid 1990s.  Citizen combined the accuracy and reliability of a quartz watch, with a translucent dial and solar cells underneath.  Combined with newer lithium-ion battery technology resulted in a reliable…