Ice is Back…

It’s time for the Ice Monster. Or Seiko Baby Ice Monster to be more sepcific. Model SRPB481 ( SRPB481K1). One of the Seiko 5 baby monsters. This dive style watch has become a quiet cult favorite. With it’s unique color scheme and design.  Its a little on the large side, but not much sitting at 43.5mm.  But it has quite a wrist presence.

In general the monsters have a design which you are either attracted to, or repulsed by.  But what I love about them, is that they are different.  They aren’t just another Subby homage.  Yet as much as I love the look of some of their more louder color schemes.  I’m not sure they are me.  So what I love about the Ice Monster is that it’s still different, but not too different.  It’s more quirky then strange.  All in all I love almost everything about this watch.

Seiko Ice Monster:
Seiko Bottle Cap:
Swatch YIS409:

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