The Efficiency of Seiko

Whenever I’ve looked into Seiko 5 watches, and specifically those with the 7s26 movement.  I always seem to come across someone who mentions that one of the reasons that they omitted hand winding.  Was because Seiko didn’t think it was necessary.  That the efficiency of their magic lever (or magic fingers to some) auto winding mechanism was so good. It wasn’t needed.  So with that in mind, I decided to test the efficiency of Seikos auto winding on a snk805, with the 7s26 movement.

The Experiment was born

To that end, I devised an experiment.  One where I would shake the watch for exactly one minute to wind it.  Set the time to midnight, to have an easier time reading minutes elapsed.  And see how long they lasted.  I did this, not just for the SNK805, but for a host of other watches.  Some that are direct competitors to Seiko, and some just out of curiosity.

The watches shown in this video are as follows:

Seiko SNK805:
Seiko SRPB89k:
Citizen NY0040-17L:
Hamilton Khaki Aviation (H76565725):
Seiko SUN055 GMT:
Vostok Amphibia:
Swatch Sistem Navy:
Starking Hi-beat: AM0184: