Most of the watches people buy on Aliexpress or Gearbest are less then $100. Afterall if you are willing to pay more, it’s just safer and more reliable (not to mention smarter) to stick with a Seiko or Citizen. Yet last December I started wondering about what some of the higher end brands were like. One that caught my eye was San Martin. In paticular their flieger watches.

I realized that having a Youtube channel, and this site, gives me the oppertunity to try something a little more foolish then I normally would. To take a risk, so others won’t have to. If nothing else then for the entertainment value. So I decided to pick up one of their bronze fliegers.

Yet before I could place an order on Aliexpress, opportunity knocked. I just happened across this one on the bay (Ebay). It was used, but in mint condition, so I decided to take a little bit less of a risk and bid on it. A week later it’s at my door, and I’m already a little impressed.

It’s 42mm wide, beautiful sunburst blue dial, and a high beat ST2130 Seagull movement. Which is a clone of an ETA 2824. Not to mention it has a whole lot of lume. An amazing amount actually. At least for a non-diver.

In short it’s a beautiful watch, but there is always a risk when ordering overseas. So use caution if you want your own. Otherwise enjoy the full review over at Youtube.


A1611 You might find on eBay :

Smaller San Martin Steel:
Smaller San Martin Bronze:
Bronze & MN Style Strap:
Sub Second: It was up a few days ago, now it’s not. I’ve contacted them.

Blue / Silver Nato:
Black Nylon with Blue Stitching:
Red Zulu: