Orient Star Diver 1964 2nd Edition.
Reference: RE-AU0601B00B / RK-AU0601B
Full Specs (Orient Japan): https://www.orient-watch.jp/orientstar/prod_diver-1964_2nd-edition.php
Tus Watches: https://www.tuswatches.com

Original Orient Star Diver: https://youtu.be/YSqXiJ2v5T4

Today we are taking a long-delayed look at Orient’s Current Top Diver. The 1964 2nd Edition. A retro refresh from their past. A remake of the Orient Calender Auto from 1964, brought up to modern Orient Star Standards.

Out of their current collection, it’s their most expensive diver at around $1000 MSRP. However… is it really worth it? Find out with this in-depth review.