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Orient Mako X Review : A Study in Scarlet

So it’s been a while since i updated anything here. I’ve been too busy creating videos, that it’s been hard to remember to resize and optimize photos for the site. Yet I realized this would be a perfect place to display all the straps I’ve put on my new Orient whatever it will be called. the Not Mako III, or as I’ve been calling it the Mako X. Check out the gallery below, and if you haven’t watched the review, it’s below that.

As for the links, there are a lot of straps so if I forgot one just ask.

Orient Mako X Specs:
On Ebay:

Orient Mako II:

Spinnaker Tesei Titanium Review:
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Khaki Canvas / Leather :
Red / Burgundy MN style Nato:
Blue Silver Nato:
Silver Nato:
Bond Nato:
Red Nato ( 6:39 ) :
Black and Tan Nato ( 8:12 ):