Guanqin Nomos Homage

Today I’m taking a look at the Guanqin Nomos Lambda Homage, model GJ16106M.  This watch has been around for a little bit, and there are a few other reviews of it out there.  But not much on this blue dial version, which is a pity.  It really deserves some attention, as it is easily one of the most striking dials I’ve seen.  It’s a 42mm watch, so it’s not too big, but it’s definitely not small either.

Prices tend to sit in the mid $60s.  But for that your getting Sapphire, small seconds, power reserve, and hacking and hand winding.  Not too shabby.


GearBest did provide the watch, so if you interested here it is: Guanqin Nomos Homage

I also highly recommend the NATO Strap below.  It’s the grey one I use on this.