An Homage to it’s own History

Can a company make an homage to a watch it created?  In the case of Hamilton, it sure can.  The Hamitlon Khaki field mechanical is an homage to the watches it made for the US military from the 1960s to the 1980s.  Although Hamilton’s history of making watches for the military goes back much further.

The Perfect field Watch?

This is a field watch, and probably one of the best you can get.  It’s a no nonsense approach.  It’s a well built tool, not a price of jewelry.  The dial is a flat green, accented by white Arabic numerals.  making it extremely easy to read.  The brushed stainless steel coating should be a more scratch resistant then a polished case.  Throw on a sapphire crystal, and you wont need much more.

Good news and bad news…

Some of the good news is, that this watch is extremely thing for a mechanical.  Bad news is, it’s strictly mechanical.  So hand winders need only apply.  Never the less, it’s a pure example of what a rugged field watch is supposed to be.

Check out the link below for the full video review.