Today we are finally taking a closer look at the brand new 2020 Seiko Cream Alpinist. SBDC089 / SPB119J1 . Which I’m calling the Ghost Alpinist. It along with The Black SBDC087 / SPB117J1, the green SBDC091 / SPB121J1 , and the cream and gilt SBDC093 / SPB123J1 are the four new versions for this year. Which are all part of the ProSpec Seiko lineup.

Overall they are very similar to the previous Alpinist the SARB017. With the only major difference being the new 6R35 movement. Which supposedly brings the power reserve to 70 hours, but I also put that to the test. Enjoy the Full Video Review below.

Alignment/Misalignment Issue

So if you came from the video here are the specific images of the bezel to examine in detail.

Straps Shown

Ritche Black/Red Leather Nylon:
Ritche Black/Grey Leather Nylon:
Ritche Brown/Grey Leather Nylon:
Vario Leather / Black Cordura:
Barton Blue Sailcloth:
Green leather:
Black Mora Nato:

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