Blackout Edition

Today we will be taking a look at another Citizen Eco-Drive watch. This time it’s model CA0295-58E, also known as the Nighthawk Chronograph. But it can also be refereed to as the Blackout Nighthawk, or the Stealth Nighthawk. This is definitely a bold looking watch. All black ion plated stainless steel case with a size of 42 mm. It has black dial, black hands, and black… well everything.

Which Nighthawk

Now while this is part of Citizen’s Promaster line, and is a Nighthawk. Its not the Nighthawk that most people think about. Nighthawk is a model name given to a number of Citizen Pilot watches. The most well known is model BJ7000-52E, and it’s variants. This one is very different. Not just in style, but also function. This Nighthawk is much more straightforward chronograph watch. It’s strength relying in its dark blackout style.
But in some ways, thats also it’s weakness. While it has a very bold unique look, that look also makes the watch difficult to read in anything but the brightest conditions. It’s definitely a design that favors form over function. But see for yourself in the full video review below. And as always feel free to like, comment and subscribe over at you tube.