Armilla Watch bands were kind enough to send in some of their straps for review. As well as sponsor a giveaway. We have 3 of their premium Aero-Ballistic seatbelt style Natos. As well as 2 of their Vestigo seatbelt style single-pass straps.

You will hear me say it in the video, but the Vertigo is what has impressed me the most. Wonderful straps. As always I’m also showing a preview of a few watches to come. Namely a Hamilton Khaki King, Parnis Nautilus Homage, Phoibos Wavemaster, and a Melbourne Portsea Heritage.

You can get more details from the full video review below, but let me say these are some great straps. The Aero-Ballistic Natos are some of the best I’ve seen. Yet the Vestigo Single-pass are the ones that thoroughly impressed me and won my heart. If they come out with some more color designs, I’ll be buying them.

Thanks again to Armilla for sending these in for Review.
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Aero-Balistic Nato:
Vestigo Single Strap:

Glycine Airman:
Hamilton Khaki King Champagne:
Hamilton Khaki King Black:
Parnis Nautilus:
Phoibos Wavemaster:
Melbourne Portsea:
Helm Komodo: