A Swiss icon

In 1944, a swiss engineer by the name of Hans Hilfiker, was given the task of creating a new clock system for the swiss railways. The trick wasn’t just to create a new design for a single clock, but to have whole system of clocks run synchronously. Working together with the company Moser-Baer, an ingenuous solution was arrived at.
The second hand of each clock would run independently of the rest. But length of travel was shortened so it would arrive at the 12 position in only 58.5 seconds. Once there it would stop and wait for a signal from a master clock. Once received the minute hand would advance one position, and trigger the second hand to go around again.
The end result wasn’t just an intelligent design, but the clock itself would become a national icon for the swiss people. Even Apple, for a short while, incorporated the design in their ios devices. Although later removing it, after a licensing and copy right disagreement.

Mondaine EVO

Since 1986, Mondaine Watch Ltd has held a license to use the design in a series of watches, called the “Official Swiss Railways Watch/SBB”. Today we are taking a look at one of these. This is the Mondaine Evo 38mm. Model A660.30344.11SBB.
It’s a 38mm, stainless steel quartz watch. The movement is a Ronda 513. It has a white dial, and black leather strap. Hour and minute markers adorn the dial, making it very easy to read.

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