AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II Matador Review : Danger Zone

March 15, 2019

This is the AVI-8 Hawker Heritage II Matador, a mouth full of a name, and a rather crazy looking watch from AVI-8. I’ts a partially skelotonized dial, on a quartz watch. Which shouldn’t necessarily go together. This large and in charge chronograph is 44 mm wide without the crown, and 48 mm with. Which is […]

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Vaer Heritage Dark Review : Come to the Dark Side

Today we are taking a look at a cool 40mm field watch from a small California based micro-brand, Vaer. Although what’s interesting about Vaer, is that not only are they based out of California, but they assemble their watches in Los Angeles. Vaer started a few years ago with the goal of creating a perfect […]

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Releasing the Kraken on a Budget: Phoibos PX002C Review

February 3, 2019

Phoibos has only been around for a relatively short amount of time. Yet they have made a large impact amount collectors and enthusiasts. Now this particular Phoibos wasn’t really on my radar. As I was more interested in their newer Eagle Ray and Sentinel models, but after receiving a few requests to review it, I […]

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Nakzen Pagoda Review

September 17, 2018

  Ultra Affordable Dress Watch You may not be familiar with the name Nakzen.  Most people wouldn’t be.  They are a small Chinese watch brand, which can be found on AliExpress.  This is the only Nakzen I have seen, but so far I’m impressed.  For well under $30 you get steel, sapphire, solid links, Japanese […]

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Filson Mackinaw: A Shinola by any other name

May 1, 2018

Recently, the Filson sub brand of Shinola watches was discontinued.  Which has led the entire line to go on clearance.  Even better, the watches have been trickling down into clearance based retail stores in the US.  Stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Nordstrom’s Rack.  So while most people,  myself included, would never pay full retail […]

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A stunning Timex :Timex Southview Multifunction

March 12, 2018

The best looking Timex ever… This is by far, the best looking Timex I have ever seen.  It’s the Southview Multifunction in blue.  The dial is a stunning reflective deep navy blue.  Roman and stick hour indicators, and 3 sub dials.  Since this is a multifunction, not a chronograph, the dials are for day, date, […]

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The ever affordable Flieger, the Citizen Avion Review

February 13, 2018

From Precision instrument, to Fashion Accessory The original flieger watch was called the b-uhren. It was commissioned by the German military in World War II, for use by it’s navigators. This thing was huge, sitting at 55 mm, and sat on the outside of one’s jacket. It was basically a pocket watch wrapped around your […]

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An Affordable Icon, Mondaine EVO 38mm Review

January 28, 2018

A Swiss icon In 1944, a swiss engineer by the name of Hans Hilfiker, was given the task of creating a new clock system for the swiss railways. The trick wasn’t just to create a new design for a single clock, but to have whole system of clocks run synchronously. Working together with the company […]

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Big Bold and Beautiful; The Bulova 97B122 Precisionist Review

December 27, 2017

  It’s Big, it’s beautiful, it’s precise, and it’s a whole lot of rose gold. It’s the Bulova 97B122 Precisionist Chronograph.   I’ve been interested in the Precisionist movement for a while now, and was recently able to pick one up off ebay. The watch itself was in excellent condition. The strap on the other […]

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Timex: The Waterbury Watch Review TW2P83900VQ

December 11, 2017

The Waterbury Welcome to the site, and our first review every.  This is of the Timex model TW2P83900VQ.  Also Known as The Waterbury.   I’ve chosen The Waterbury as our first ever review as I recently acquired it, and didn’t see much mention of this model on the internet, or YouTube.  Its a simple looking watch, […]

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