Corgeut Railmaster Review

June 10, 2019

Today is the followup to the Miyota 821A video. You voted on which of the four watches to be reviewed first, and the winner is the Corgeut Railmaster homage. Model C130 (I think). Which as the name of the video suggests, takes its design from the Omega Seamaster Railmaster. Specifically . Which has a […]

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Umm Interesting new colors for the Tevise

October 4, 2018

Vibrant doesn’t describe it So I just noticed that there are 4 new colors for the cheap Tevise Subby Homage.  And wow, I just had to put them in one place.  The mustard Yellow one looks kind of cool.  But the other two are great if your color blind.  But wow… the Rainbow one… yah.  […]

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Nakzen Pagoda Review

September 17, 2018

  Ultra Affordable Dress Watch You may not be familiar with the name Nakzen.  Most people wouldn’t be.  They are a small Chinese watch brand, which can be found on AliExpress.  This is the only Nakzen I have seen, but so far I’m impressed.  For well under $30 you get steel, sapphire, solid links, Japanese […]

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The Imitation Hulk: Tevise T801A Review. $20 Subby Homage

May 9, 2018

Tevise T801A Tevise is a Chinese brand that is found on Gearbest and Aliexpress.  It’s not very well known, but one of it’s watches has started getting a bit of a following.  Specifically the Tevise T801A.  A Rolex Submariner Homage.  Now there are a ton of Subby homages out there.  But The Tevise stands out […]

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