Victorinox Officer’s Watch Review

October 8, 2018

Victorinox For many of us, Victorinox holds a special place in our hearts.  A Victorinox pocket knife was usual the first knife we were ever given as kids, usually by our fathers.  But even with that, many of us don’t think of Victorinox as a watch company.  Yet they have made fine swiss made watches for years, and the Officer’s Watch is no […]

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Umm Interesting new colors for the Tevise

October 4, 2018

Vibrant doesn’t describe it So I just noticed that there are 4 new colors for the cheap Tevise Subby Homage.  And wow, I just had to put them in one place.  The mustard Yellow one looks kind of cool.  But the other two are great if your color blind.  But wow… the Rainbow one… yah.  […]

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Understanding Tritium

October 3, 2018

Tritium Lume Watches with Tritium Lume, or Gas Tritium Light Sources (GTLS) are awe inspiring awesome.  Although I don’t think they are for everyone.  There are some major limitations in the life span of those tritium vials.  So the watches are great for anyone who works primarily at night, or in low light conditions.  Or […]

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Hey There Mr. Blue : Gaunqin Nomos Lambda Homage Review

September 26, 2018

Guanqin Nomos Homage Today I’m taking a look at the Guanqin Nomos Lambda Homage, model GJ16106M.  This watch has been around for a little bit, and there are a few other reviews of it out there.  But not much on this blue dial version, which is a pity.  It really deserves some attention, as it is […]

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Nakzen Pagoda Review

September 17, 2018

  Ultra Affordable Dress Watch You may not be familiar with the name Nakzen.  Most people wouldn’t be.  They are a small Chinese watch brand, which can be found on AliExpress.  This is the only Nakzen I have seen, but so far I’m impressed.  For well under $30 you get steel, sapphire, solid links, Japanese […]

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Seiko 5 Efficiency Test (7S26) : Science Time

August 27, 2018

The Efficiency of Seiko Whenever I’ve looked into Seiko 5 watches, and specifically those with the 7s26 movement.  I always seem to come across someone who mentions that one of the reasons that they omitted hand winding.  Was because Seiko didn’t think it was necessary.  That the efficiency of their magic lever (or magic fingers […]

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A Cadisen Reconquista: Conquest Homage Review (C1009)

August 22, 2018

A Cadisen Reconquista Today we are looking at the Cadisen Conquest Homage (C1009). Which is a bit overdue as I did an unboxing almost 2 months ago. Its an impressive watch at 39mm, sapphire crystal, and a miyota 8215 movement.  Overall it’s a brilliant watch, all be it with some flaws.  My biggest issue with […]

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SNZG11 Vs. Orient Defender

June 14, 2018

A new contender… After my Orient Defender Review, I realized how impressed I was with it’s unique take on the classic field watch.  I also realized that it’s closest competitor is it’s Seiko SNZG field watch cousins.  Thus the idea for a direct comparison video was born.  Now these are two great, affordable field watches.  […]

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Starking AM0184 Hi Beat Watch Review

June 7, 2018

Starking AM0184 This is one of the more interesting Chinese watches I’ve gotten from AliExpress.  I picked it up during the Anniversary sale for just under $40.  It’s a 40 mm sapphire high beat automatic dress watch.  As designs go, it’s fairly simple, classic dress watch design.  In a 40mm case.  Primarily this watch is […]

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An Elegant Field Watch : Oreient Defender Review

May 31, 2018

The Forgotten Field Watch: Orient Defender I’ve been wanting to take a look at the Orient Defender, ever since I heard about it during the last holiday season.  Mostly from the ad campaign Orient USA had going on Youtube.  I especially wanted the cream colored version, but unfortunately they stopped producing them. About a month […]

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