Dragon at the Helm: Helm Komodo Review

Today is something a little special. It’s the Helm Komodo, which was so highly anticipated it two of the 3 versions sold out in an hour. This 40mm diver is jam-packed with everything you could want in a true tool watch. Seiko NH35, double domed sapphire, great lume, solid links and end links. Not to mention a striking presence with its white and powder blue dial.

Helm isn’t a very old company, but they have become well known for making some of the best dive watches under $300. The Komodo is no different. Although as good as it is, there are a few compromises if you intend on using it as a desk diver. Watch the full review below for all the details.

Helm Komodo: http://helmwatches.com/komodo.html

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