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Seiko Glacier Marine Master Reduced: Almost Perfect! SBDC167 / SPB299 [ SBDC167J1 / SPB299J1]

Full Review First Impressions This has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to check out a Seiko diver in this price range forever, but could nothing ever captured my attention. That all changed when Seiko announced a new set…

Watch Review

The Neon Flyboy! Laco Neapel 39

Full Review First Impressions This is the Laco Neapel, an electrified orange Type A flieger. One of Laco’s more unusual colorways in 39mm. For the most part, it’s your basic Flieger, from Laco. Not necisarly exciting, but solid. Specs Reference:…

Forget Cocktail Time, It’s All About The Mojito! Seiko SRPE45J1

Full Review First Impressions Today we are taking a long-overdue look at the Seiko SRPE45J1. Also known as the Mojito. The Mojito, along with its colorway cousins, are outliers in the Seiko Cocktail Time Lineup. As they not only have…

The Perfect Microbrand Diver? Zelos Spearfish

A review of the brand new Zelos Spearfish watch. A refined version of their popular Swordfish, with a new swiss made movement. the LJP G100

A Step In The Right Direction? San Martin SN026-G

Full review of the SN026-G by San Martin.

A Proven Diver, You Have Never Heard. Charlie Paris Concordia

Full Review First Impressions Today we take a look at a newer watch that has proven itself capable. A watch that was designed for an expedition to the South Pole of Antarctica. A 40mm diver, powered by an STP1-11. This…

One Of The Best Budget Field Watches Around! Swiss Watch Company ARK

Full Review First Impressions Today we take a look at one of the best grab-and-go quartz watches I’ve run across, with the Swiss Watch Companies ARK. SWC followed their winning formula from the Bunker, to create a simple, no-frills field…

The Kraken Has Risen! Phoibos Kraken Review

Full Review First Impressions Today, Phoibos has finally embraced the fiercer side of their logo, by releasing a true Kraken. A gorgeous 300m diver, powered by a Miyota 9015. Which to me is reminiscent of a Monster. Specs Reference: Case…

Relative Time’s Best Watches / Reviews of 2021

Now that we are firmly into a new year, it’s time to look back at the best watches and reviews of 2021. Thanks for another great year. Here is to 2022!

Ask Me Anything, Relative Time 4th Anniversary

It still amazes me that it’s now been 4 years since I started Relative Time. To celebrate & thank everyone who has been watching. I’ve decided to do my first Ask Me Anything Q&A. So I asked, and you all…